Getting most out of software
Top notch digital expertise
Cifrex is a well-coordinated software development squad, that leverages diverse international experience of its team to achieve unprecedented level of competence, efficiency and customer service
We're a team of experts with diverse experience in projects of our partners from America, Europe, Asia and Russia.

Being well versed in the technologies of various business areas, we enjoy implementing projects of high complexity, creating securely integrated systems.

We strive to use the latest and most optimal technologies, as well as rethink existing solutions, bringing the level of convenience and efficiency of software to a new level.

We provide the highest level of customer service, paying attention to communication no less than technology, and maintaining a lightning-fast response to the problems of our partners.
  • Fintech, blockchain and Web3
    Systems that ensure the operation of digital currencies, payment solutions and the implementation of tax reporting in the field of cryptocurrencies
  • Web applications for startups
    Speedy development of web apps with battle-tested techniques and cloud technologies for faster time to market
  • Experimental development
    Research work, rethinking outdated approaches and finding solutions to previously unknown problems
Many years of experience in software development for partners from all over the world
Our experts have worked side by side with colleagues from different countries for years, accumulating diverse experience in software development
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